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Exterior Home Pictures


this pictures are for example exteroir home design

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Ten Tips to More Successful Decorating

1. Hang pictures at eye level. People frequently make the mistake of hanging photos too high. Hanging them at eye level for the average person's height will enable them to be enjoyed and also make them work better with the furnishings, such as sofas and chairs.

2. Use accessories in odd-numbered groups. It's just a matter of balance. Odd numbers - such as three or five - work better than even-numbered groupings of four or six.

3. Use wallcovering borders. Borders define your lifestyle. They not only are decorative, but frequently they can be a reflection of your interest. There are novelty borders that depict gardening scenes, sports activities - such as golfing or fishing - or well-loved children's characters, such as Winnie the Pooh or Peter Rabbit. Use borders creatively around doors or windows, at ceiling or chair-rail heights to give personality to your room.

4. Decorate for your lifestyle. If you move frequently, you may want to choose neutral furnishings that can go with any decor. Or buy area rugs and extra fabrics that you can take to your new home. If you have young children and pets, choose easy-to-clean carpets and colors that camouflage dirt and scuff marks.

5. Use paint to minimize home's defects and accentuate positive features. For instance, use light colors to make a room look bigger. Or dark colors to make a room look more cozy and intimate. You can accent a room's feature - such as a pipe or post - by painting it a different color from the rest of the room, or de-emphasize it by painting it the same color.

6. Use wallcovering suited to your home. Choose lightly-colored textures and small prints for a smaller room; opt for larger prints and darker backgrounds for a larger room. Use stripes to give a room the illusion of height. Use wallcoverings to tie rooms together. For instance, a living room and adjoining dining room can be done in the same or similar patterns to give a sense of cohesiveness.

7. Look for coordinating products. Many of today's wallcovering sample books feature a whole gamut of coordinating home fashion products, such as borders, fabrics, comforters, pillow shams, place mats, table rounds, and shower curtains. By selecting a specific collection that features these products, you can put together a whole cohesive decorating package for a relatively low cost.

8. Have a focal point. Your focal point can be virtually anything - a fireplace, a painting, an entertainment center. By having a focal point, you can decorate to accentuate the focal point and give your room a sense of cohesion.

9. Collect photos of rooms you love. If you're not sure how to define your decorating style, start collecting photos from decorating magazines. Look at the photos to determine what is the same about them - same colors, same styles, same types of furnishings. Once you've determined that, you can pretty well draw some conclusions about what styles are right for you.

10. Work from a total plan. When decorating your home, don't just go piecemeal from room to room. Work up a plan for the entire home, including budget and timetable. As you go along, you can be on the lookout for products that work within your plan. Your neighborhood decorating center will be glad to help you devise this plan and work at making it become a reality.

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Japanese gardens

Japanese gardens achieve great harmony with nature through, careful use of design, plants, stones, bridges and water areas.

Japanese gardens

Japanese gardens wallpaper 1

Japanese gardens wallpaper 2

Japanese gardens wallpaper 3
Japanese gardens wallpaper 4
Japanese gardens wallpaper 5

People have transformed nature into gardens for thousands of years. On behalf of gardening, they modify flowers and force the crossing of plants to create hybrids that would never exist. Japanese gardens, however, are different from Western gardens are full of common flowers and plants. Unlike the elaborate gardens of tulips of Keukenhof, Holland, or the meticulous Rose Garden from the White House, Japanese gardens tend to leave more to the imagination and represent nature as it is. They value to those branches of trees twisted and deformed and not bother with irregular stones.

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Botanical gardens

Botanical gardens in Victoria, British Columbia Canada


Lovely botanical garden in Okinawa Japan

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Tropical botanical garden

3D Tropical garden with  Butterflies and Waterfall picture

tropical garden

Sub-tropical botanical garden. Madeira island

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Park gardens

park garden

Magnificent romantic park garden in Braga, Portugal

Cedar Park Gardens picture

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Versailles gardens

Versailles is the most famous garden in the world. Build by King Louis XIV and design by André Le Nôtre. In france
Versailles gardens

Versailles gardens - Picture 1

Versailles gardens - Picture 2

Versailles gardens - Picture 3 Hdr version

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Garden landscape

Garden landscape pictures

Garden landscape wallpaper picture 1

Garden landscape picture 2 Braga Portugal. Bom Jesus do Monte

Garden landscape

Garden landscape picture 3: Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Table Mountain, South Africa

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Water garden


Water garden

Rikugien Gardens in the northern suburbs of Tokyo, Japan. Brilliant japanese Water garden

Water garden picture 2

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Traditional Style Kitchen Design and Pictures


Traditional - more formal than country, traditional style gets its look from fine woods and often ornately detailed cabinetry. Rich, deep colors are used to create a mood of refinement and good taste. Traditional style plays up architectural details, such as crown moldings and raised wood paneling. Elegant and refined.
This fine example of a Classic and Handpainted Kitchen for the most discerning of homes, can only be achieved through attention to every little detail.

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A Beautiful Southern Belle and Picture


Southern house plans wouldn't be southern if they didn't display the generous hospitality known for the region. House plan number SU-5669-2538-1607-I has a long name and a longer list of outstanding features. Without question, this southern belle has a sense of hospitality to the owner and visitors alike.

The stunning and refined look of the exterior is easy on the eyes and very inviting. The style gives an Italian villa on a horse ranch kind of feel. Upon entering, you are greeted with a large two story foyer with formal rooms at either side. The great room is beyond and is open to the large kitchen. A guest room with a private full bathroom ensures that friends and family are welcome.

The main floor also enjoys one more feature that is uncommon to most houses even twice this size; a full, attached guest house. This addition is perfect as an in-law suite, a rental, twenty-somethings, and frequent guests. While guest houses are nothing new, many building codes restrict them as they're often a second building. With this one integrated into the house, such regulations should not apply.

The upper floor houses five more bedrooms, including the master suite. Additional niceties include a rather large utility room, and a recreation room perfect for the little ones or a home theater. The luxurious master suite enjoys a fireplace, a private covered porch, and a large master bath and closet. The bathroom has direct access to the laundry room to save time and effort.

This unique member of our Southern house plans offers a rare luxury with its combination of fantastic features. You and your guests will feel at home in this beautiful southern belle.

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Traditional House Plane Ideas


Descriptions :
This traditional country home includes an open floor plan with 4 spacious bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, a split-bedroom layout, and other unique features. The master suite includes a raised ceiling in the master bedroom, 2 large his and her walk-in closets, a jet tub, and an oversized shower. The kitchen is fully-equipped with a wraparound raised bar, pantry, and a large adjoining breakfast area. Just off of the kitchen is a beautiful formal dining room complete with built-in shelves and 10' ceilings. One bedroom can even be used as a family member suite. Expansive great room features 12' ceilings, a gas log fireplace, and great views to the rear porch beyond. Large front and rear covered porches complement the livability of this home. This plan even features a large bonus room area perfect for storage or future expansion. An oversized garage is also provided for real-sized vehicles. Room spaces are designed large enough to have added space for a comfortable lifestyle!
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Southern Traditions House Plans Photo


Southern Traditions House Plans by Larry James Designs

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Classic House Photo Ideas


This is a very old house in Seychelles,Its being converted in to a Art gallery now, the whole interior of the house is wooden,unique style,could be an English or French design and others design.

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Modern Kitchen Design Pictures


this pictures are modern kitchen dsign. more peoples can be get inpiration for the home design ideas.

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Tips For a Modern Kitchen Design and Picture


Is your kitchen really suited to the busy lifestyle that you lead? For many people the kitchen has become the hub of family life not just serving as a dining area but an office and a place where every one can congregate. So when choosing a major kitchen remodel or you just want to rejuvenate the one you have why not think about going for a more modern kitchen design that will easily accommodate all your family’s needs and daily routines. Plus if you do update your kitchen you may find that you will recoup your investment if you decide to sell up and move home.

To ensure that you get a good kitchen design there are three basic elements that need to be thought.

1. Ideas – look and gather some ideas for improving your kitchen.
2. Layout – How you want your kitchen actually laid out.
3. Style – What style do you really want?

1. Ideas
When exploring the possibilities and discovering the options that are available to you for producing a modern kitchen then keep your eyes open for any ideas that you may see. Why not look in magazines, at kitchen showrooms or show houses at new development or even look at your neighbor’s kitchen.
2. Layout
When you look at the many courses and guides on kitchen design you will see a lot of it will focus on the kitchen layout. It is during this stage that you will look at various features of the kitchen and choose the location of where appliances are located and what work areas you require. Here is the guide for planning kitchen layout.

3. Style
In this article we are looking at the modern kitchen design and it should include light colored cabinets with clean lines and enough storage that eliminate the clutter normally associated with kitchens. This will then provide your kitchen a new, fresh and modern look to it.
Modern or classical - you decide. Here are some style samples:
Also use dark wood counter tops in order to enhance the lightness of the wood in your kitchen and accent it with stainless steel and chrome accents. Why not make sure that all your appliances are either chrome or stainless steel to further enhance the modern look of your kitchen.

So as you can see choosing the right modern kitchen design for your home can be quite easy and why not just trawl the internet and see what designs are out there and which you may wish to use ideas from in order to design the kitchen of your dreams.
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Kitchen Photos Design Ideas


this picures is Kitchen Photos Design Ideas. every one can be get inspiration the pictures for home design.

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Five Trends to Watch for in Custom Kitchen Design


Five Trends to Watch for in Custom Kitchen Design
By: J. Mahoney

From so many sources we have been hit by all the latest in trends for the kitchen. On one thing do most kitchen design professionals agree: kitchens will continue to be larger, more open, and definitely the most important room in the home. The custom kitchen of today should create a space that is open for people to gather.

The perfect custom kitchen design can be suited to your every dream and needs of you and your family, and also to be able to fit the boundaries of your budget.

Below are 5 custom kitchen trends to be aware of when your are planning for your custom kitchen remodeling project.

1. Hardwood Mouldings to Create a Custom Look
Adding hardwood mouldings to kitchen cabinets can provide a richness not found in other features. Mouldings are available in oak, cherry, and maple. They can provide your cabinets with such details as fluted columns, valances, cornices, galley rails and open shelves. These can help to combine function and beauty to your kitchen. Mouldings can also provide a custom look to stock cabinets. Examples of the uses of mouldings on cabinetry include: installation around corners and along the face of cabinetry to minimize the square look of cabinet, using in soffit areas, and installing on top of cabinets to add a crown moulding.

2. Solid Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen
Solid hardwood flooring makes a great choice for the kitchen because not only is it beautiful, it has practical features as well. It is thicker than other flooring materials which makes it good for insulation, and sound proofing. It will last of many years because it can be refinished many times.
If you just want to change the look and color of your hardwood floor, you can just sand it. You never need to replace the entire flooring.

3. Free-Standing and Unfitted Cabinets
The trend toward free-standing cabinetry from the desire to get away from the cookie cutter look by creating cabinets that look more like furniture, including such features as molding, feet, and valances. This type of custom cabinetry is available in both traditional and contemporary styles. Unfitted custom kitchens are those that are classically designed pieces used to conceal full-size appliances such as ovens, stoves, dishwashers and refrigerators. Custom kitchens with the unfitted look can also create more room for windows, columns, displays, and any other design element that can give a kitchen more character.

4. The Custom Look in Countertops
In designing a custom kitchen it is becoming easier to create the look of custom countertops because of the availability of so many materials being used today. Many of these materials can be mixed, like using concrete embedded with bits of glass and metal. While stone materials, such as soapstone and marble are still highly prized by homeowners, stainless steel, sealed concrete, and engineered quartz are being used in more low-use areas of the kitchen.

Other trends in custom countertops include: solid surface materials and granite look-a-likes that are easily repairable, and are available in many colors. Also popular is the use of ceramic tile, particularly on backsplashes. Other materials that are part of this trend is stainless steel, and butcher block in certain specific areas

5. More Sophisticated Appliances
Kitchen appliances are becoming more and more sophisticated and allowing for greater customization, personalizing, and convenience. This has helped make the kitchen the high-tech center of the home.

The following appliance reflect the changes that are being introduced in kitchen appliances today:

Duel-fuel ranges: The debate over whether to use gas or electric for cooking is an old one. Some manufacturers of stoves offer ranges that are professional-quality, and can feature both the power of a gas cooktop with an electric one.

Refrigerators: Refrigerators today offer such features as: multi-zone temperature control. They are offered in both free-standing units and integrated versions that do not look like a refrigerator, but can be concealed by the use of cabinet fronts into the surrounding cabinetry. Some counter-height refrigerators are even being used in kitchen islands or butlers pantries.

Designer Dishwashers: As with some refrigerators, the dishwasher is offered in the integrated version that can be concealed by cabinet fronts that can wash and store away dishes.

Article Source: Mahoney is the author of many kitchen design articles and has a site about kitchen design ideas at Kitchen Designers He also publishes a newsletter on kitchen design.

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