Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beautiful, Luxury And Sophisticated Condominium Design

Beirut Residence is an luxury apartment located in Marina Towers building, Beirut, Lebanon. It is designed by Joe Serrins Studio in simple, clean and sophisticated style.There are a lot of unique things implemented in its interior design. For example, the craftsmanship on walls and ceiling is truly amazing. It perfectly harmonizes with the rest interior yet add cool, not overwhelming accents. The 5,000-square-foot condominium also features an amazing views of the city thanks to its high location.The cool thing is that even though the apartment is really luxury it doesn’t feature marble, gold and velvet that are so popular among such kind of living environments.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Kitchen Flooring Ideas


Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen Flooring

The choice of kitchen flooring is the most important stage in the planning of the interior. Regardless of the room, the kitchen flooring is not just a piece of interior design. It is easy to replace furniture, appliances, even the color of the walls, but the replacement of kitchen flooring is extremely difficult. In the selection of materials and colors should look for harmony with the furniture and kitchen flooring in adjacent parts of home .You can select the same material for construction to merge parts of the house if it is larger and imaginative or different materials to divide it into zones. Regardless of the colors, remember that in every kitchen floor must be strong, moisture-resistant and last but not least is easy to clean.

Modern Ceramic Kitchen Floor Design

Kitchen Ceramic Tiles Flooring

The most popular surface for kitchen flooring facilities are ceramic tiles. Kitchen flooring ceramic tiles is the most popular option because of the relatively low price and wide variety of models offered in the market. A major shortcoming is in their coverage, which can relatively easily be injured when hit by fallen objects. Slabs of granite are suitable for kitchens because of its exceptional strength. Kitchen flooring ceramic tile are made of homogeneous and generally have no coverage. So even with an injury following tiles are almost unnoticeable. The dimensions of the boards must comply with the area of the house.

Natural kitchen flooring and laminates are not a good choice for flooring in the kitchen. Kitchen laminate flooring are moisture-resistant and fireproof. If you're still looking for warmth, which gives the tree a specific purpose or combination on the market you can find granite and terracotta kitchen floors are successfully simulated.

Combining different materials is an interesting challenge in terms of kitchen flooring design. If you decide to combine with kitchen ceramic tiles flooring, must provide for transitional strips and other ancillary items. Such a decision can be used to visually divide the room into zones. Remember that all material is cleaned with different preparations.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Contemporary Kitchen Sinks


How to choose contemporary kitchen sink

The most common are stainless steel contemporary kitchen sinks. Until recently this was the preferred material for the production and because we used to think that the kitchen sink you should be. However, if your kitchen is in classic style, cold metal is not suitable and will not combine well with the furniture. Kitchen sink higher prices, these contemporary kitchen sinks are becoming more popular. Their main advantage is the possibility that selection of a suitable color. The kitchen sink material is acid resistant and prevents formation of spots on the surface, while the stainless steel sinks are smudge easily.

Select base model  kitchen sink.Depending on how mount kitchen sink are divided primarily on board and incorporated. The first completely cover the cabinet, on which are mounted, and the latter be incorporated. Typically, each base model there are variations - with or without opening the battery, the trap location, etc. Select the format of the contemporary kitchen sink and appropriate location and the area around it. Think of the cabinets and your position when using it. If you have a dishwasher or you foresee such is do not need to buy unnecessarily large modern kitchen sink .

Before you purchase, according to the size of the modern kitchen sink with cabinet over which'll mount. Remember that when the contemporary kitchen sink is full of utensils and water, and weight increased significantly.  This kitchen sink is a compromise that will have to comply when washing dishes in volume as pots and pans.In conclusion, we say that the contemporary kitchen sink must be functional and comfortable. Compromise with the size and quality is not recommended, but expensive and unnecessary kitchen sink is not a good choice. Once you bought the modern kitchen sink , strictly follow the instructions for installation and use.

contemporary modern kitchen sink

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Great Outdoor Kitchen Ideas


Outdoor Kitchens

modern outdoor kitchen

Modern Outdoor Kitchen

Have a garden that care. Spend much time in it and even often, especially on weekends, there serving lunch and dinner. And I think you can make a summer outdoor kitchen in which to cook meals and to spend more time outdoors with his family? This need not be fearful of investment funds. You can do with materials at hand.It is important to examine these in advance where you would be conveniently located to the modern outdoor kitchen and what are the characteristics of the terrain, which have. And be sure to accurately answer the question - what is the main purpose of your summer modern outdoor kitchen?

modern outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

If you prefer to cook very light and quick meals and to use it mainly to communicate with friends and to welcome many guests,outdoor kitchen is best to forecast when planning a bar and a place where you can store drinks and glasses. If you love to cook and want to cook for many people, in the meantime you communicate with them, you can position the oven and grill in the center of the outdoor kitchen and about to order panels and chairs. If the selected location is a terrace, you can consult a specialist if you will hold the additional weight of equipment and you do not need further strengthening.

Perhaps you are lucky from whose outdoor kitchen will be located under a shelter made already? No? Then it will probably your biggest expense - to cover the outdoor kitchen . Do not forget that the main idea and the charm of the summer outdoor kitchen are close to nature. So better forget about some concrete structures. It is preferable to use natural materials. Think of the floor. 

Once you've got a place where is located the outdoor kitchen, consider modern kitchen equipment. Must decide whether to mount a sink, not because it is convenient to apace to house, to wash dishes or your hands. You can order outdoor kitchen cabinets to fit exactly to your chosen location, but may use the old kitchen cabinets that are painted in cheerful colors and shelves made by you personally.

contemporary outdoor kitchen

Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen

It is about to leave the outdoor kitchen sink two small worktop on which to place items and containers to cook food. Allow room for your cooking utensils . Think about where you can "hide" the refrigerator. Already sold and those that are specifically designed for summer contemporary outdoor kitchen, but feel free to put in the old cabinet, small refrigerator, which no longer use at home. And paint it in different colored flowers. Refresh it.

Many experts say that the entire area of the outdoor kitchen should be organized around the stove or barbecue. If you plan to cook mostly there in the summer, it should comply with the recommendation. When you have the oven / barbecue, consider the fire safety of surrounding surfaces and objects. Must anticipate and appropriate outdoor lighting, best locally - over the stove, sink, dining table and above the desktop.The summer outdoor kitchen to make cooking fun and relaxation in the whole family. Outdoor kitchen design  is for all and then comply with the style of garden and house.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Green Color Bedrooms Interior Design Ideas

Green Color Bedrooms Interior Design IdeasToday green is back as the new ‘white’ and these amazing designers have created some dynamite renderings of incredible bedrooms that depict our modern lifestyle today, using that same green color in a totally new way. Now the trend setters of the world are restoring green into the bedroom for its artistic value with new hues and color schemes, simplified patterns, and calming textures. The photos below will show you exactly what we mean.

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